Swing Check Valve

These valves are automatically one way. The check valve opens by the forces of the fluid flow. The bottom pressure and durability depend on the pressure behind the valve. This type of valve is suitable for installing additional tools to reduce the Ram hit.

Check valves allow fluid flow only in one direction. Check valves consist of two ports in which fluid enters from one and exits from the other side. Gostaresh Shirsazi Tehran Sufa Co. manufactures gate valves in classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 in sizes of 2″ to 48″, relying on its technical and engineering knowledge. At first, these valves are 3D designed, and then the mechanical analysis is performed to evaluate the valve’s performance in working temperature and pressure. This process aims to optimize the valve design according to customer requirements. At last, the prototype is produced using the 3D printer in order to achieve the maximum dimension precision. The check valves produced in this company are according to API, BS, ISO, ASME. In addition to that, at all production steps, comprehensive product inspections are done with high precision by certified quality control inspectors.