Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve provides a high capacity flow with low pressure reduction that is durable, effective, and reliable. The most significant advantage of the butterfly valve is its seating surface. The reason for this advantage is that the disc deals with a flexible coating and is resistant to bubbles, and produces very little operating torque. Butterfly valves provide a flow characteristic of approximately the same value and can be used for suppression service or on/off control. This type of valve is also used as a flow controller by changing the angle of the disc relative to the seat.

Butterfly valve bodies include flange, log, and wafer connections on request, according to the standard connection of pipeline flanges.

Gostaresh Shirsazi Tehran Sufa Co. manufactures gate valves in classes 150, 300, 600, 900, and 1500 in sizes of 2″ to 78″, relying on its technical and engineering knowledge. At first, these valves are 3D designed, and then the mechanical analysis is performed to evaluate the valve’s performance in working temperature and pressure. This process aims to optimize the valve design according to customer requirements. At last, the prototype is produced using the 3D printer in order to achieve the maximum dimension precision. The butterfly valves produced in this company are according to API, BS, AWWA, and ASME. In addition to that, at all production steps, comprehensive product inspections are done with high precision by certified quality control inspectors.