Engineering and Analysis Consulting

The engineering department of Tehran Sofa Company, with the aim of localizing the production of valves for oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant industries and solving the problems of this industry, especially start-up industries, is ready to provide industrial engineering services in this field as follows:

1. Providing advice in specialized fields of industrial valves used in oil and petrochemical industries, including selection:

  • Suitable type of Valve
  • Size and pressure class suitable for work service
  • Suitable material for working in all kinds of sour and non-sour gas work services

2. Selection of suitable valve actuators such as manual actuators, gearbox or electric and hydraulic actuators.

3. Valve design or performing numerical calculations of mechanical, fluid and hydraulic parameters of valve design.

4. Review or validation or correction of calculations, completed designs.

5. Training in “Introduction to valve types and their application” and related standards in the dairy industry

6. Teaching practical skills to valve Industrial users in the fields of machining, assembly, welding and casting and forging technology

Carrying out simulation projects of fluid, mechanical and dynamic behaviors and casting valves using the most advanced specialized software along with providing relevant analytical reports.